Before you proceed, make sure you've taken screenshots of your Instagram Profile (including the current number of follwers/following and your feed). Your screenshots will show you the transformation and improvements your Instagram will undergo through out the challenge. Ready? GO.

  1. USERNAME - an easy to remember (and to spell/type) username
  2. PROFILE PHOTO - a decent photo (if not your brand's logo) that will establish your expertise. No, badly lit gym selfies won't cut it!
  3. NAME - a memorable, straight to the point IG name
  4. BIO - A creatively composed one that showcases your unique identifier/personality
  5. OFFER / CTA - Something that your follower can't resist on doing once they see your profile
  6. WEBSITE LINK - link to your offer / website / channel that would convert your followers as your target audience
  7. STORY HIGHLIGHTS - serves as your mini website that will showcase who you are as a brand completely (this is Day 2 Lesson)
  8. CONTACT BUTTONSEither this, or your website link should be able to land you a lead (potential client/audience) 

Write an Instagram bio that is clear, memorable, and actionable. Your bio should describe exactly what you do and how you can provide value to your audience. The bio has to be concise as you only have 150 characters to get your message across. Tips on how to do go about it:

  1. Think about your Ideal Audience. Instead of thinking of a demographic (21-35 year old women, working, etc) -- really BE VERY VERY SPECIFIC and try to imagine ONE INDIVIDUAL PERSON as your ideal audience, instead of a wide demographic. 
  2. Let’s say s/he is a beginner, and doesn’t know any industry jargon or fluffy, in-the-know terms -- what is the SIMPLEST way you can explain what you do?
  3. Add a dash of personality by throwing in a keyword or reference that is recognized in your field/industry. 
  4. Insert your Call to Action (CTA) 


Other fun tips:

  • Use emojis to make your bio more lively and fun. You can use the arrow emojis to direct people to your website link below 👇👇👇 the bio or an emoji that suits what you do. 
  • Use as much of the 150 characters as you can to maximize the use of the space to get your brand’s message across.
  • To have line breaks in your bio, write it out in a note on your phone, and then copy and paste directly into Instagram Edit Profile settings

Strategy Lesson for the Day:

As I said, you only have a few characters in your Instagram bio and you need to maximize every single one of them to meet 3 goals off this checklist:

  1. Tell them what you do -- in a way that’s simple and easy-to-understand
  2. Show them your brand’s personality -- in a way that ONLY your most ideal of all audiences will understand 
  3. Encourage them to take action 


Let me walk you through an example.

Let’s say we’re writing the Instagram bio of Madi Simpson, a certified calisthenics coach who aims to make her field a household name that doesn't intimidate a potential client -- a fitness beginner.

  1. Tell them what you do in the simplest words possible:
  • Let’s assume the worst - that NOT everybody will know what “calisthenics” is.
  • And so even if ‘calisthenics’ seems simple enough (and so incredibly basic to you, the fitness coach who has used the term for years now)...
  • Maybe saying ‘easy, gymnastic exercises’ might be a more visual, tangible, fool-proof way to explain it to a beginner.
  • Or “Easy, doable bodyweight exercises for beginners.”

    2. Add some personality:
  • Throw in a metaphor + joke = “It's like you're a gymnast. Except you're at home & you don't have to be one ;)"


3. Encourage them to take action:

  • “Get Beginner Home Calisthenics Routine: ”


Let’s bring it all together:

Username: @Madisthenics

Name: Madi Simpson - Calisthenics Coach

Bio: “I teach doable body-weight exercises for beginners. It's like you're a gymnast except you're at home & you don't have to be one! ;)

Offer: Get Beginner Home Calisthenics Routine 👇

And that's it! Now it's your turn - go write a clear, memorable, and actionable bio.

Optimize Your Instagram


If you're feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself of your GOAL as to WHY you want to grow your Instagram. Recall which focus you chose. If you can’t remember, here’s a refresher. You chose an option from this list:

  • To land NEW / More Clients since I sell my services
  • To make MORE SALES since I sell products
  • To get MORE READERS/VIEWERS/SUBSCRIBERS on my blog / YouTube Channe l/ Newsletter
  • To build my EXPERTISE showcasing my skills, lifestyle, advocacy so I can influence others to believe in the same cause and maybe earn from it in the future
  • To be honest, I don’t really have a concrete idea yet on why I’m doing this. - More on this below.

Now, review that goal, and then ask yourself -- what does my Instagram follower need to do to help me achieve that goal?

For example your goal is: to get more clients for personal training. So what should the Instagram follower do to help you get there? Some options:

  • They can click for your free trial
  • They can contact you for a discovery call to customize their coaching needs

So what could your possible call to action (CTA) be:

  • Try 3-day Free Coaching
  • Discover A Coaching Program That Will Fit Your Needs

Here's why it's important that you have a Lead Magnet/Valuable Offer even if it's free.. (more on this on the next days of the Challenge) you can have other possible action steps for different scenarios 

  • Download my workout toolkit for beginners
  • Join our community of beginners who are doing the 3-day trial:

So if you're the kind of person who isn't so sure about your Instagram Goal yet and you chose "To be honest, I don’t really have a concrete idea yet on why I’m doing this" ..

Here's a life hack: Go to your following section and look for an inspiration. Maybe your fitsporation, someone that is respected and established in the field you want to pursue. Study how he/she optimized her/his Instagram Bio. Start from drawing inspiration. Then when you're out of the overwhelming brain rut, try to compose your own creative bio and optimize your profile. 


Remember, nothing is set in stone, you can choose one now, and change/tweak it later. Don't worry - there's always lots of room to learn and experiment!!

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