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The Entrepreneur Mindset - The Strangest Secret


The challenges in business and fitness are comparable; both require a certain mindset to be able to get through challenge and reach your goals. Before we get into marketing, your thinking must evolve.

​Making the decision to join Fresh & Fit Attire is a clear indication that you have a desire to help others and to help yourself.

Any time you work towards earning extra money outside your typical hourly job (trading time for money), you're thinking like an entrepreneur. Ultimately, I want to help you by showing that anyone can become a successful business person/entrepreneur through consistency and hard-work, but it starts inside your head. I hope that one day, you will be able to start your own business of some sort, but I do not recommend starting a business unless you have the skills required for it to be successful.

When promoting FNF/TNF, you'll be able to attain skills such as sales and marketing, without having to deal with products, customer service, and the other stuff that's associated with a business. 

Listen to the following audio by Earl Nightingale to help reshape your mind for success.

If you know how to download YouTube audio, I suggest you do. I recommend putting it on your smartphone to listen to it often. I listen to it everyday.

Setting Your Own Goals

As Earl explained in the audio above, you cannot be successful without setting goals for yourself. Today, write down your goal on a card and write your reasons. Put a real reason why you need to accomplish this goal. This card must be read everyday. Sounds strange, but it works. You will become who you think about!

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