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Training #2 - Instagram

Make Your Account Public.

If you have other reasons to keep it private, you can ignore this suggestion, but if you're wanting to reach more people when promoting FNF, earn commissions, and grow your account, you cannot do it while it's private. When you create a post, it will only be visible to your followers. It will not show up on 'Search' feed.

Your Instagram Profile/Bio is Your Sale's Statement.

(This is only a suggestion, if you have little interaction and traffic on your profile, what you write on your bio may not matter because it will not be seen by many people). 

Your Instagram Bio and postings are a form of advertisement.

Your bio may be seen by someone new visiting your profile, and your posts can be seen by people that are not following you.

Include your affiliate website link that's provided from your Affiliate Dashboard



Use the following format to automatically add your coupon code into someone's order: Replace YOURCOUPON with your personal coupon code, and replace. Using this link will add your coupon to their checkout without having to type it in.


Put your URL link in the website field, where it's clickable. Do not type it in your bio. You cannot click it here.

Your Instagram bio is a great place to show value to others. Instead of listing all the things you are, try to answer the question they are thinking:

"How would I benefit from you and your products?"

A big list of accomplishments and titles doesn't answer their question. It doesn't tell them why they should click your link.

Instead, try using action statements.

  • Join our mission and Help feed and clothe the homeless.
  • Click the my link to save on awesome apparel and update your wardrobe.

If someone asks what you, "What do you do?", which answer sounds better?

  1. "I promote fitness apparel for a clothing company" or
  2. "I help give to the homeless by offering amazing apparel to fitness people."

Mentioning results give your statement more impact.

How to Increase Interactions on Instagram?

This is important for promoters and businesses looking to have more followers. If you're going to promote any product, whether your own or someone else's, you need to have a way to keep increasing your followers and flow of traffic.

  • Look for people of similar interest by searching a niche hashtag.
  • Be active. Like and comment on other people's post, daily!
  • Use hashtags effectively (see section below)
  • Post consistently

Effective Hashtags and Captions

  • Write interesting captions. The character limit is very high. You can include a lot of information.
  • Include emoticons in captions. (It's more likely to get more responses and likes)
  • People like when you make them feel good. Try to motivate and inspire. 
  • Use PROPER and COMMON hashtags like #fitness #gym #fitspo #muscle #marathon #bodybuilding #fnfattire (7-15 tags, half common, half unique)
  • Do not make up creative hashtags like #thisisanawesometshirt
  • Paragraph breaks help readers, and increases engagement. Create paragraphs by using periods to create space between lines. You can also separate your cluster of tags from your post text by replying to your own post with the clusters of hashtags. (hashtags will also work using this method)

Tag Fresh & Fit Attire

  • On Instagram and Facebook, add @fnfattire in your text for a clickable link to our official page.
  • Use the hashtag #fnfattire, #fnfambassador, #FitnessWithaCause so your pictures are searchable on IG. Tagging allows us to find your photos, and share it on our feed.
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