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Training #3: Facebook Click & Share

Just Click and Share!

Facebook is, by far, the greatest place to promote. When we create Facebook post, we have you in mind. Many can be shared, just add your link with it.

In addition to creating your own post, keep a watch for our posts.

When you see one that you like, share it. In your own words, write how you feel about the post, and include your promo coupon and affiliate tracking link.


Step To Take

Facebook doesn't like to bombard users with feed from business pages. For the above strategy to work, you will need to see all our post. Follow the steps below.

          1.  Like and Follow Fresh & Fit Attire Facebook Page.


​          2.  Click 'Following' to change your settings (see picture below)

​          3.  Click 'See First' to see F&F post first (see picture below)

​          4.  Click 'Edit Notification Settings' (see picture below)

          5.  Click all boxes as shown below.

          6.  Be proactive and keep a look out for our post. Share it when you see a good one! This is how you'll reach your followers to help our cause, and earn you some commission :)

          7. SHARE your first Fresh & Fit Post on Facebook. Try it.

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