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When you refer a friend to make a purchase, and they decide to become an affiliate, their account is connected to your's. You'll earn a 25% matching bonus when they make a sale.

Your referred friend makes a sale of $100, and they receive a commission of $15. You get a bonus from their sale. We'll match 25% of their commission and add it onto your account. 25% of $15 is $3.75.

It's not necessary to recruit everyone, only those who you think can promote well. You can earn more on their purchases from you, than earning from their sales. 

Pro Strategy:
Help your friends become better promoters, and you can benefit from their sales.

Refer to Training #1 for how to link someone to your 2nd tier. Check your Affiliatly account to see who you're linked to. If you are missing a referred friend, tell them to send us an email ( saying they were referred by you.

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