Operation: Front Line Launches in 2016

     Operation: Front Line made and effort to collect donated articles of clothing. The resulting collection exceeded expectation. Socks, gloves, jackets, and blankets filled up many bags. There were 50 personal care packages donated by a local women's group. Several small groups from the area showed up this morning under one cause, to be a loving friend to thy neighbor. We were welcomed by the homeless community as well as Day Springs Ministries, who feeds and provides a roof for the homeless.

     Operation: Front Line is a 501(c)3 on-profit organization who is responsible for the planning and execution of our outreaches. OFL is the team who created and operate Fresh & Fit Attire.

     Day Spring Ministries is a soup kitchen that offers showers, laundry service, and a sleeping place for those living in extreme poverty and hardships. Old storage rooms are used to house low-income people and their families. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served daily except when other ministries provide a full meal.

     God definately showed up and did amazing things today, and I'm not just talking about the physical things one can see. Many were heal from pain, freed emotionally. Many testimonies were shared and the Gospel was preached. We're blown away by the outcome of today's encounters and cannot wait to find what else is ahead.

     Anyone can be part of our movement! We're not asking for any donations, but grab a shirt froFresh & Fit Attire, rock it and represent because the profits enable us to do more outreaches like this to reach the lost.

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