After 3-Yrs Offline

Unforeseen challenges lead to pausing our online shopping. The covid-era lock-down delayed an earlier re-launch until now. In addition, a second boutique in Fayetteville, AR becomes our new home.

Boutique Opened

Fort Smith's Athleisure

A unique opportunity open, as we become Fort Smith's local go-to fitness apparel shop.

Worldwide Recognition

Meaningful & Impacting

Our team is in over 25 countries, being fit, being kind, and changing the world.

Ambassadors Joined

A Worthy Cause

Brand Ambassadors are advocates for our mission, products, and services. Together, we're a very authentic and selfless community.

In the Beginning

A Fund-Raising Project

FNF started as a fund raising project to help people of need, and we've evolved from offering just t-shirts to a full line of fitness products.

FNF Blog

Featured article

Building Community

We're Involved

"We provide love, hope, and compassion to the mentally ill, disabled, homeless and refugees by feeding meals and giving essential belongings, while creating community and a place to serve."

About Fresh & Fit Attire
Family Oriented