🕵️‍♂️ Frequently Asked Questions (because we know you've got 'em!)

Refund & Replacement Policies - The Scoop on Broken Stuff:

Ever received a package that looked like it survived a wrestling match with a grizzly bear? Fear not, intrepid shopper! If your item is damaged, faulty, or just downright soiled upon arrival, we're like the superheroes of replacements – swooping in at no extra cost! Just hit us up within 48 hours of receiving your goods.

👉 Click here to process a return. (It's like clicking the "undo" button on shopping mishaps.)

Now, here's the catch – if you're returning something because you suddenly "don't like" it, we might hit you with a 25% restocking fee. It's our way of saying, "Choose wisely, grasshopper!"

Cancellations - Breaking Up with Your Cart:

Changed your mind within 24 hours of hitting that "Buy Now" button? No problemo! Request a cancellation, and we'll part ways amicably. But beware – wait too long, and you might only get a partial refund. We're like that ship that has sailed but can still toss you a lifebuoy if you're quick!

International Shenanigans - Because We're Global Citizens:

🌎 Yes, we ship worldwide. We're like the postmen of the universe, delivering joy and questionable fashion choices to every corner of the globe.

🚚 Tracking Your Package - Where in the World is My Stuff?:

Keep tabs on your precious cargo with our Tracking Tool – it's like GPS for your fashion fantasies. If that's too high-tech, reach out to our trusty customer support desk at apparel@fnfit.co. They're basically wizards in disguise.

🚀 Shipping Time - Patience is a Virtue (or So They Say):

For the U.S., expect your goodies in 2 to 10 business days. International orders, marked with a cosmic asterisk (*), might take a cosmic 20 to 45 business days. We can't control customs or intergalactic travel speeds, so bear with us.

💸 Refunds for the Impatient:

No guarantees on international shipping times – blame it on customs and their mysterious ways. If your package decides to take a leisurely stroll for more than 30 business days, we might toss you a partial refund as a peace offering.

More About Us - We're Basically the Avengers of E-commerce:

We're not your typical corporate giants with fancy offices. Nope, we're a small, quirky family business on a mission to help the poor. So, before you compare us to the big shots, remember the impact we're making – today and beyond. Thanks for being part of our mission! 🌍🙌

Yours in Quirkiness,

The Fresh & Fit Attire Q&A Team 🚀👕✨