SleekCurve Sports Bra

Color: Pink

Only 1 piece in stock!


  • ✔ Lift & support
  • ✔ Vibrant Colors
  • ✔ Flexible mobility
  • ✔ Soft touch
  • ✔ Performance Guarantee


For each SleekCurve Sports Bra purchased, an FNF Under-garment 🩲 is donated.

Performance Apparel are built to last. If the build quality does not last you past 1-year, we'll send you replacement. If the product is discontinued, we'll provide a full-refund. Clearance (>50% off) Performance Apparel are excluded. The gaurentee includes a no-rip at the seams for 365-days, which insures you for a whole year. Most customers Performance Apparel has lasted them 5 years.

The SleekCurve Sports Bra, where beauty meets performance in the perfect harmony of style and support. Crafted with the softest, most flexible materials, this sports bra hugs your curves like a gentle embrace, ensuring you feel as cute as you look while staying active. Its sleek design offers a clean, minimalist aesthetic, while its innovative construction provides ample support for your every move.

Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply enjoying some yoga, the SleekCurve Sports Bra promises to keep you feeling confident and comfortable throughout your workout. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to effortless elegance with SleekCurve.

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