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Training #6 -Customize Your Web URL (Website Link)

You may be using the tracking link provided from the Affiliate Dashboard, but it's really long.

or maybe you're using a to organize all your links.

Notice, the URL above is not very personal and it looks like everyone elses.
In this training, we're going to customize and make your link into whatever you like.

For example, if your Slogan is 'Wednesday Warrior', you can have a link a link

What is a redirect link?

A redirect link is, simply, a domain name. The domain name can be anything you choose it to be, like When you own your own domain name, you can make it take your traffic to any other website that you choose. That's why it's called a redirect link.

In the video below, I'm going to show you how I use a redirect URL instead of my affiliate link.

I bought a domain name called It only cost $1.06 with all the extra fees. Dotcom addresses will cost a bit more, about $10. (Remember, it's only a name, NOT a new website)

When someone clicks my redirect link, a person goes to the page that I want them to go to. In this case, I want them to go to...

Sign Up on NameCheap and Get Your First Personal Domain.

Domains Prices ranges from $1 for generic domains up to $10 for dotcom domains.

This is the best and affordable way to customize your link.

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