Cheeky Chic Set

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Color: Burgundy

For each Cheeky Chic Set purchased, an FNF Tee 👕 and Socks🧦 are donated. These items are included in FNF Hope Boxes.

Models: 5'-2" & 5'-6" , both 115 lbs.
Size: XS


  • Booty-scupting seam
  • Long (biker) shorts-inseam
  • Moisture wicking
  • Flattering contouring


Because why sculpt your booty in the gym when you can do it in style? These biker short wonders are more than just fabric; they're your personal sculpting sorcerers, turning your behind into a work of art. Booty sculpting features? Check. Contours that could make Michelangelo reconsider his marble choices? Double check.

But wait, there's more! Our adjustable strap bra not only holds everything in place but lets you customize the lift, support, and overall "wow" factor. It's like having a personal trainer for your upper body, minus the awkward gym conversations.

With the "Cheeky Chic Set," you'll not only break a sweat but break some necks too. Strut into the gym or yoga class like you own the place – because, let's be honest, your outfit already does. Get ready to sculpt, strut, and stun!

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